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Introduction to Computers

Admissions Requirements:

introduction to computers classIndividuals applying for this course are required to:

  1. interview with an admissions counselor;
  2. be at least 16 years of age (applicants under the age of 18 require written permission from a parent or legal guardian in order to enroll); and
  3. able to read at an 8th grade level. Present proof of secondary education (transcripts, high school diploma, or GED certificate) or
  4. in the event the applicant is unable to provide proof of secondary education, achieve a passing score on the TABE (GE 8 Reading). There is an additional $40.00 fee for this skills test.

Seminar Description:

This course of instruction prepares beginners and near beginners on computer basics.
Graduates should be able to operate basic hardware, software, and the Internet upon completion. This seminar will briefly review Windows 8, Internet Explorer 8, and today’s hottest online tools, from craigslist and Facebook to Twitter, Wikipedia, and Google Docs. The new Metro user interface will be introduced along with simple coverage of social networking and cloud computing applications.

This course of instruction prepares individuals for entry-level jobs as a Computer Repair Technician. Graduates may find suitable employment with computer manufacturing, sales, technology repair companies, self-employment. Students will learn the basics of IT and to troubleshoot and repair personal computers. Upon completion of this program students will be able to install, upgrade, and support personal computers and associated peripheral devices, and to take the CompTia A+ certification (220-901 and 220-902) exams.

Program Outline

Subject # Subject Title Clock Hours
Lec Lab Clin Total
ITC 101 Personal computers, laptop, and portable device components and operating systems 01 01 00 02
ITC 102 Microprocessors 01 01 00 02
ITC 103 Email and the Internet 00 01 00 01
ITC 104 Social Networking 00 01 00 01
ITC 105 Cloud Computing 00 01 00 01
Total Hours 02 05 00 07

The approximate time required to complete this seminar is 7 hours/one day. ****There are no prerequisites for these courses.

Introduction To Computers Seminar Topic Descriptions

ITC 101- Personal computers, laptops, portable device components, and OS (Lec 01Cl Hrs / Lab 01 Cl Hrs / Ext 00 Cl Hrs) [Prerequisites: None]
Helps to solidify your understanding of crucial hardware components and best practices for their maintenance. Identify basic monitor, keyboard, mouse, and hard drive. Discover memory types, Windows 8 operating system, and how to protect your computer from malware.

ITC 102- Understanding Microprocessors (Lec 24 Cl Hrs / Lab 18 Cl Hrs / Ext 00 Cl Hrs) [Prerequisites: None]
Review of preparing simple documents in MS Word 2016.

ITC 103- Email and the Internet (Lec 02 Cl Hrs / Lab 02 Cl Hrs / Ext 02 Cl Hrs) [Prerequisites: None]
Review a host of online tools. Internet. Setting up an email account. Craigslist.. Wikipedia and Google search engines.

ITC 104- Social Networking (Lec 02 Cl Hrs / Lab 02 Cl Hrs / Ext 04 Cl Hrs) [Prerequisites: None]
Review of Facebook, Twitter, Facetime, Instagram and other common social networking sites.

ITC 105- Cloud Computing (Lec 00 Cl Hrs / Lab 00 Cl Hrs / Ext 10 Cl Hrs) [Prerequisites: None]
Review of different methods of saving, backing up, sharing, and retrieving data from the cloud.

Introduction to Computers Basis of Grades:
Theory 25%
Final Project 25%
Class Participation 25%
Skills lab 25%