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About Us

ownerMessage from the Owner Linda Dailey

“We believe instruction is a deliberate arrangement of repetitive instruction that will promote attainment of an intentional goal and this is our mission at FasTrac Job Training Center. We do not take your educational pursuit lightly and will do everything in our ability to help you achieve your goals. Although our efforts are in partnership with you, the many years of expertise of our instructors, their commitment to education, and desire for you to achieve success is unmatched. Congratulations on taking your first step with us.”

A Commitment to turning Students into Healthcare Professionals

a group of medical staffWe are committed to providing a superior educational experience for every student that completes a program through competent instructors, a responsive and professional staff, unique support services, and high quality curriculum in a safe and effective learning environment. Our graduates will acquire the tools to grasp dreams, care for the sick, nurture the frail, and make a difference in their lives as well as the lives of others.

FasTrac Job Training Center is a certified HUB, DARS, Worksource and GCCAC vendor. We are also APPROVED AND REGULATED BY THE TEXAS WORKFORCE COMMISSION, CAREER SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES, AUSTIN, TEXAS 78778-0001.

Above all else, we are committed to excellence offering relevant training programs that prepare the next generation workforce. We commit to
deliver superior and cost-effective courses that will improve your access to employment in marketable industries. We offer programs and seminars
that help graduates obtain a career in stable and growing industries.

  • It is our goal to offer services that prepare any student that wants to learn regardless of ethnicity, income, religion, gender, national origin, age
  • disability, economic, or social status.
  • It is our goal to treat our students, employees, visitors, advisors, volunteers, and associates with compassion, kindness, loyalty, and respect.
  • It is our goal to operate with honesty, integrity, and fairness.
  • It is our mission to consistently expand to offer a variety of courses and modify current programs to ensure industry compatibility.


  • Linda Dailey, RN, School Director 409.741.3992
  • James Plimper, PharmD, Instructor 409.741.3992
  • James Williams, EMS-P, Instructor 409.741.3992
  • Barbara Bailey, LVN, Instructor 409.741.3992
  • Phyllis Moore, LVN, Instructor 409.741.3992
  • Danielle Eldridge, LVN, Instructor 409.741.3992

FasTrac Job Training Center, a postsecondary Career School in Galveston, Texas, has the mission to reduce unemployment by preparing graduates for marketable industries. The founder, Linda Dailey, inspired to strengthen the healthcare industry by removing obstacles for a new generation of healthcare providers through a long history of established training programs. The Nurse Aide Academy in 2004, Health Initiatives Learning Center in 2010, and FasTrac Job Training Center in 2017. Due to the need to diversify course offerings to meet increased demand, FasTrac Job Training added a host of Technology courses to help students come online in a digital age. FasTrac began with its signature Nurse Aide program, only to expand into a host of programs and seminars in a variety of marketable industries.
FasTrac regularly reviews all courses to ensure their feasibility for the job market. In August 2019, we relocated to 4116 Avenue N ½ to accommodate expansion. We tripled our square footage, modernized the classrooms, and improved parking and amenities for our students. Our motto is Learn Fast → Earn Fast, believing it is imperative that able bodied adults can earn a good living. We maintain at least 95% graduation rate with most programs. Linda Dailey spent a lifetime impacting the health and wellbeing of others since 1980 as a US Air Force veteran, a Registered Nurse, Business Owner, and School Director. Health Initiatives Learning Center received the Women Veterans Business of the Year award in 2011.